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My recent conversation with Dillon on Animals at Home Podcast!

A few months back I stumbled across Animals at Home Podcast, and an excellent conversation featuring John Courteney-Smith MRSB of Arcadia Reptile. I was immediately captivated by the soulful quality of the conversation and its content, and soon thereafter subscribed to the podcast and began listening to all of the previously recorded episodes to catch up. I was consistently moved by the modest way in which the host, Dillon, was advocating for higher standards of husbandry, and felt strongly aligned with the values and expressed mission of Animals at Home - so I decided to reach out and extend my gratitude for the positive impact the podcast was having on me. Dillon and I exchanged a few e-mails, and I was both surprised and honored when he asked if I would be interested in recording a conversation with him for the podcast. A few weeks later, we did so, and earlier this week the episode was released. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to speak on the podcast, and for the platform that Dillon has created, and I hope the conversation we had is both useful and enjoyable for the listeners. I'm enlivened by opportunities such as these to explore topics with others who are deeply considering the values and ethics of herpetoculture, and hopeful that the scale of such conversations will only grow from here on out. The podcast episode can be found here, or wherever else you find your podcasts, as well as on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to Animals at Home for continued quality content!

Truthfully all of the episodes are worth a listen and there hasn't been a dull one yet, in my opinion. Here are some of my favorites so far:

Thank you again to Dillon for the opportunity! I'm looking forward to what's next.

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