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wellspring : a source of continual renewal

Wellspring Herpetoculture is the passion project of Roy Arthur Blodgett - that’s me.

I first began keeping reptiles in my early childhood, starting in the mid 1990s, and by my teenage years was working with over a dozen species - successfully breeding several of them. After a long hiatus through most of my 20s, I returned to herpetoculture in November of 2018, with a sharpened perspective on the practice and its importance on my youth and development. Throughout my life, I realized, it was my relationship to animals, and particularly through herpetoculture, which had been the continual source of responsibility, focus, and wonder that had helped me traverse the dark times - hence the name of this modest enterprise. 


Wellspring Herpetoculture is my own small offering toward the continued progression of herpetoculture. My primary focus is providing the animals in my care with the highest standard of evidence-based, naturalistic husbandry I can offer. A large percentage of the proceeds generated from breeding success goes to supporting the work of conservation organizations within the native ranges of each species I breed, because I care about the continued wild existence of these species and the places they inhabit. I also donate a percentage to USARK, who work tirelessly to advocate for access to the privilege of keeping reptiles in an environment that is often hostile to the community of herpetoculture and unfeeling to the plight of the animals themselves, both in captivity and in their native environments. The remaining proceeds go to covering operating costs and elevating the standards of my husbandry. This project is my best attempt at giving back to the animals that have consistently enriched the quality of my life.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to get in touch. I’m always open to correspondence.

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Media & Podcast Appearances


As of August 2022, Roy is co-hosting the Project : Herpetoculture Podcast alongside the inimitable Phillip Lietz of Arids Only. We couldn't be more excited about this endeavor!

Check out the show wherever you get your podcasts, or via the links below:

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