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Something I've been working on - a temperature, humidity, and feeding calendar.

Given the Spilotes sulphureus I keep are all bloodlines which trace back to Suriname, I have been researching climate conditions in Suriname to gain a greater understanding of how environmental factors might influence behaviors such as mating. To make it simpler to regulate and implement these changes in environmental conditions throughout the year, I've been working on a calendar which I can use as a reference. Right now it looks like this:

It also occurs to me that these environmental conditions also have an affect on availability of food, with prey populations typically more abundant in periods of higher precipitation. As such, I've also made a feeding calendar as follows (this one applies to adult snakes, which I feed less frequently than the younger animals in my care):

I'm very curious to see how incorporating such rhythms will affect the snakes in my care over the long term, and I will post updates as I collect observational data over time.

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