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0.1 CBB'22 tricolor hognose snake (Xenodon pulcher) produced here at Wellspring Herpetoculture. This snake is very well established and feeding readily on frozen-thawed pinky mice and iguana or frog reptilinks. This one has a lovely muted colors and reduced white in her pattern. A full record sheet charting growth, feeding schedule, and shedding cycles will be provided. 

XP - 011

Health Guarantee:
I guarantee live and healthy arrival. In the unfortunate outcome of an animal arriving deceased, clear photographic/video evidence must be provided within one hour of pick-up/delivery. Claims against the health of any animal must be made within seven days of delivery.

Payment Plans:
I offer payment plans on a case-by-case basis, and I'm happy to discuss terms that accommodate specific needs. Typically, I ask for a 25% deposit, with the remaining balance paid off within 30-90 days.

I prefer to ship Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and strongly encourage buyers to hold for pick-up at your local facility. If shipping to the buyer's door, the buyer must be present to sign for the delivery, or the live arrival guarantee is voided. I reserve the right to refuse shipment if conditions are unsafe due to weather or system delays.

Tricolor Hognose Snake - 011

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