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I have a few remaining USCBB'22 Spilotes sulphureus available.


This one, 009, is a very well established 11 month old female feeding readily on frozen-thawed day old quail and fuzzy or crawler mice. She has been raised independently under overhead halogen heat, UV lighting, and she's in exceptional health. She's still undergoing her ontogenetic color change, but already expressing outstanding coloration with a high percentage of yellow and orange. She's also among the largest of this clutch.


The pairing that produced this clutch was an 11'+ black and yellow male, and a 9' high yellow and olive brown female. They are unrelated to any of the other CB bloodlines of sulphureus in the US and Europe. 


I also have more eggs incubating due to hatch any day.

SPSU - 009

Health Guarantee:
I guarantee live and healthy arrival. In the unfortunate outcome of an animal arriving deceased, clear photographic/video evidence must be provided within one hour of pick-up/delivery. Claims against the health of any animal must be made within seven days of delivery.

Payment Plans:
I offer payment plans on a case-by-case basis, and I'm happy to discuss terms that accommodate specific needs. Typically, I ask for a 25% deposit, with the remaining balance paid off within 30-90 days.

Shipping:I prefer to ship Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and strongly encourage buyers to hold for pick-up at your local facility. If shipping to the buyer's door, the buyer must be present to sign for the delivery, or the live arrival guarantee is voided. I reserve the right to refuse shipment if conditions are unsafe due to weather or system delays.

Amazon Puffing Snake - 009

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